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Bruce Stuart is the principal of Stuart River Estates and also known as probably the most knowledgable and experienced realtor on the Vaal River. His involvement on the Vaal River exceeds 25 years.

Having been involved in power-boating, Formula 1 ski-racing and barefoot waterskiing he naturally progressed into Riverfront Real Estate. He is well known for his ability to locate and conceptualize Riverfront developments. Thus, affording more people the opportunity to own a piece of this exclusive real estate.

To quote Bruce: "The Vaal River is an incredible place to live. It is peaceful, private and secure. The stretch of water, between the Barrage and the Baddrift/Sasolburg bridge (25km) is a jewel that has always been protected like a well guarded secret."

Since October 2001 there has been an unprecedented rise in interest for Vaal River properties. The majority of River homes in the past have been used for weekend getaways and holidays. The trend is now for owners to reside permanently on the Vaal and commute to their place of business on a daily basis. Johannesburg and main business centres are within 1 hours drive. This change in mindset is due to the security and more tranquil living pace.

From an investment point of view, a Vaal River property is a safe investment that cannot be beaten easily. With only 440 properties and a few low density Developments available on this section of the River, demand is higher than supply. Recently a vacant 100 meter Riverfront property was sold for R1.6 million having only been purchased by the seller 18 months ago. This is a true indication of the current trend on the Vaal River.

Popular activities on the 57 kilometers of navigable water are boating, waterskiing, sailing, jetskiing and wakeboarding. Here Spoonbills, Malachite Kingfisher, Herons, Sacred Ibis, Fish Eagles and Guinea Fowl become part of you daily surroundings as they frequent the Rivers edge. It is truly a blessing to live in this piece of paradise.

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